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Laser Dog’s Lovely ‘Ava Airborne’ Is Looking for Beta Testers

Laser Dog has given us some fun games in the past, including Don’t Grind, Pktball, and Hopiko, but I think the upcoming Ava Airborne looks like it’s going to be my favorite. Ava Airborne is the story of a young girl called (you guessed it) Ava who wants nothing more in life than to fly. So, she decides to get in her shed and build all kinds of flying contraptions, which she tests by jumping off a cliff, as one would do. Her goal is to go as far as possible, avoiding all kinds of obstacles and using other ones as ways to fly farther. The game has plenty of fun contraptions, like a jetpack made from a saxophone, and charming visuals and music.

Laser Dog has been documenting the game’s development from its first moments during a train back from London to today, and it’s definitely worth following. It’s always fun to see the seed behind a game and trace how it became a playable game. Ava Airborne is looking for testers, so if you want to help Ava build her crazy contraptions and fly like a bird, head over here.