Critically Acclaimed Sci-Fi Clicker ‘SPACEPLAN’ Is $0.99 for the First Time on the App Store

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The clicker game genre, alongside its auto-runner and match-3 contemporaries, seems to be the recipient of a lot of cynicism and pessimism amongst mobile gamers. A lot of this is deserved – the aforementioned App Store archetypes have led to a number of low-effort releases – but occasionally one title appears out of nowhere to subvert the ever-mounting suspicion. SPACEPLAN ($2.99) was one such title, and with a humorous setting and a really engrossing story, the game both managed to create an experience that both satirised the genre, but also used the limitations of clicker games to its advantage. While many were justifiably skeptical of such a strange concept around the game’s initial launch in May, SPACEPLAN has today gone on sale for the first time for only $0.99, and is certainly worth trying at this bargain new price.

SPACEPLAN has gone on this limited time promotion for what Devolver Digital are touting the ‘International Space Potato Week’. As brilliant as such a holiday sounds, I sadly think it’s fictitious. Maybe if we all assemble on Twitter and harass NASA enough, we can make it happen. As you can probably gather from such a ludicrous way to announce the sale, SPACEPLAN is full of eccentric humor, strange sci-fi misunderstandings and a lot of potatoes. If that doesn’t sell you on SPACEPLAN, our exultant five star review and Game of the Week award go into even greater detail on the strengths of the game, and for a mere dollar there’s a veritable bargain here for anyone wanting a title that perfectly suits a mobile device. Download SPACEPLAN for $0.99 this week, and let us know your own potato-based opinions on our forum thread.


    SPACEPLAN is an experimental piece of interaction based partly on a total misunderstanding of Stephen Hawking’s A Brie…
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