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‘Card City Nights 2’ Coming to Mobile on November 9th

I’m not typically a big fan of card battlers, but every once in a while one will grab a hold of me. Back in early 2014, the latest game to do that was Ludosity’s Card City Nights ($0.99). One thing that drew me to it was that its card battling mechanics were simple to understand while still retaining quite a bit of depth and strategy. But the real kicker was the overwhelming charm of Card City Nights, making it a game I’ve frequently played through again and again in the years since. We told you back in January that a sequel was in the works, and a couple of months back Card City Nights 2 launched on Steam to a positive reception. Now today Ludosity has announced that Card City Nights 2 is also heading to mobile, and soon: The release date is next Thursday, November 9th.

Like its predecessor, Card City Nights 2 will feature a single-player campaign that’s half adventure game and half one-on-one card battling. The mechanics have been changed up a bit as now both players play their cards on the same board, but the clever arrow-connecting system is still the focus of the game. Also Card City Nights 2 adds the most requested feature from the first game with its online multiplayer, and happily the game’s multiplayer will work cross-platform between the mobile and desktop versions. Finally, also like the first game, Card City Nights 2 will be a fully paid game with no IAP. I’m extremely excited to get my hands on it when it goes live on mobile next week.