‘Million Onion Hotel’, the Latest Release From the Creator of ‘Dandy Dungeon’, Is Shaun’s New Favorite Game

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With a name that makes no sense, an even more incomprehensible trailer and an app description that is really epitomised by ‘strange mysterious game that you’ve never seen before’, you may be wondering what exactly Million Onion Hotel is. I wish I could help remove some of this confusion, I really do, but I’m as in the dark as you guys on this one. However, get past the eccentric absurdity and Million Onion Hotel ($3.99) has a lot behind it that warrants giving the game a closer look. Most prominently, the title is from Yoshiro Kimura, the person behind some slightly more conventional classic Japanese titles like Little King’s Story, and other equally well-received but as bizarre experiments such as Dandy Dungeon (Free). Million Onion Hotel has also received various awards over its previous few years of development, most notably the glowing plaudits of our very own Shaun Musgrave on his official Twitter feed. If that isn’t a reason to give the game a go, I’ll frankly never be able to convince you otherwise.

TouchArcade readers with memories not corrupted by the Mind Flayer may remember that we have reported on Million Onion Hotel all the way back in September 2014, where Shaun tried the title out at the Tokyo Game Show. In his write up, Shaun described Million Onion Hotel as a surreal take on whack-a-mole, as you tap on onions when they appear, all the while matching rows and columns. Of course, one glimpse at the trailer emphasises there is a whole lot more to the game than mere tapping, with the occasional Space Cow and man in a vegetable costume wreaking havoc on the screen. Take a look at the original TGS article if you want to know more about the game, as well as Shaun’s Twitter feed for more spicy hot takes to this incredibly layered title. I completely understand and empathise if you still have no idea what Million Onion Hotel is by the end of this article, but I hope I’ve given you reason to check out this comical classic on the App Store today.

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