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Asmodee Digital Releases Trailers for ‘Scythe’ and ‘Catan Stories’, Announces Even More Upcoming Games

Asmodee Digital sure is busy. Today, the digital board game developer announced what it’s currently working on, and although we knew about most of the digital board games coming our way, it’s still a pretty impressive list and worth repeating. The one I’m most looking forward to is Scythe, the engine-building game set in an alternate-history 1920s. Scythe is very highly rated and should be great on mobile. There’s also Catan Stories: The Legend of the Sea Robbers—a text adventure game based on a Catan scenario—Abalone—the classic marble game—Mille Bornes, Bananagrams, Zombicide, Onitama, and Terraforming Mars.

As you can see, that’s a fantastic lineup of board game conversions that should please fans of the genre. Asmodee has been delivering great adaptations, so I’m confident these board games will look and play great. Some of the games are coming before the end of the year (Abalone, Mille Bornes, Catan Stories) while the rest are in development and don’t have a release date yet. I’m glad to see that Asmodee Digital is covering the whole spectrum of board games. You have Scythe and Terraforming Mars on the more complex side and Abalone on the simple-yet-strategic side. One thing’s for sure: good times are coming for those who enjoy board games.