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Uwe Rosenberg’s ‘Bohnanza The Duel’ Releasing Tomorrow

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Uwe Rosenberg, the popular board game designer, is having great success in the digital space, so it shouldn’t be surprising that tomorrow we are getting another one of his games, Bohnanza The Duel. This bean card game is a two-player variant of Bohnanza, and in it you plant beans in the mat in front of you as you try to complete your objectives. Completing those gets you bean dollars and bean cents, and when the draw pile is depleted, the one with the most money wins. Unlike in the original game, in The Duel you get to gift beans to the other player in an attempt to make their lives harder. Any 2-player game that lets me mess with my opponent is one I probably will enjoy.

The app is developed by Digidiced, which is responsible for some great digital conversions. The game will come with the usual local and online multiplayer modes—with both real-time and asynchronous options—3 AI opponents for when you want to practice, and an interactive tutorial to help you figure out the game. If you like some Uwe, you’ll enjoy Bohnanza The Duel, coming to mobile tomorrow.

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