‘Clash Royale’ King’s Cup Challenge Is Live, and It’s Fun

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Supercell continues to give us new, fun ways to play Clash Royale (Free), and this week’s King’s Cup Challenge is among the most interesting, at least for me. The King’s Cup Challenge is a blind deck style Challenge where you get a deck created by the teams competing in the King’s Cup Tournament. Specifically, YouTubers and pro players worked together to create each team’s “Signature Deck" for this Challenge. There’s the “Viva La Sparky" Deck, the “Tower Tornados" Deck, and many others, which we can check out here to prepare in advance for the Challenge. Some decks felt more powerful than others, but overall all of them are well-built.

In order to In order to play the Challenge, you have to do a practice run, and once you do that, you get a free Challenge run. If you get 6 wins before losing 3 times, you can play the Elite Challenge, with better rewards. The Challenge will run until October 29th, and you should check it out, especially since the first run is free.

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