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‘Catan Universe’ Coming November 15th With Various Add-Ons Included

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Catan Universe is a new digital version of the extremely popular board game, and it’s about to make its way onto mobile devices November 15th. Catan Universe is already on PC and Mac, and once it hit mobile, it will allow for cross-platform play. Rivals of Catan, the two-player mobile standalone version, was one of the casualties of iOS 11, so if you want any Catan, you’ll have to wait for Catan Universe (and possible Catan-The Duel, currently under development). Catan Universe will be free to download and will come with Rivals of Catan, and if you want more content, you can buy it as an IAP, which I believe is a great monetization system.

Catan Universe includes Cities and Knights, Seafarers, the Vikings set, and a lot more content will be coming to the game in the near future. And keep in mind that if you had bought the old Catan app on Android or iOS and have registered your account, you’ll be able to activate most of the Catan Universe content for free. If you like Catan, this will probably be a great way to play the game on your mobile device so long as they get the UI and everything else right.

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