‘Pokemon GO’ Halloween Event Adds Third-Gen Pokemon Starting Tomorrow

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Well, this really isn’t a Halloween surprise because we already knew that Pokemon GO (Free) was getting third generation Pokemon for Halloween, but now it’s official. Niantic announced today that starting tomorrow, players will encounter Pokemon originally found in the Hoenn region of Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire, including Sableye, Banette, and others. And, since this is Halloween after all, they’ll be joined by the spookier ones like Cubone, Gastly, and Drowzee. The spooky ones will be found in greater numbers during this time to ensure that players have a spooky good time. The rest of the Pokemon from Ruby and Sapphire will also join the game but starting probably around December.

If you go in your avatar’s Style section, you can join the festivities by wearing the special Mimikyu’s Disguise Hat. And given that Halloween and candy go together, during the Pokemon GO Halloween event all Candy rewards (except the Rare ones) will be doubled. Perfect time for trick or treating. Pikachu is also joining the spooky party by getting into a special costume just for this period. No more naked Pikachu, everyone. I hope you enjoy your Halloween Pokemon GO season, starting tomorrow, October 20th.

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