Perchang Submitted an Update to Fix for ‘Warhammer Quest 2’ Crashes

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Warhammer Quest 2 ($4.99) hit the App Store yesterday, and as expected, our community immediately jumped on the game. The original was fantastic, and aside from some quibbles surrounding the UI of the sequel, most people seem pretty happy with it… Unless you’re running an older device on iOS 10. It doesn’t seem to be happening to everyone, but it’s enough to be annoying for a small part of our forum crew.

Unsurprisingly, Perchang is on the case: “From what everyone says it seems to be a memory issue caused by a combination of device and OS." They recommend upgrading to iOS 11 as a potential fix, but admit it’s not a fabulous solution as there’s a lot of iOS 11 holdouts who still have a bunch of 32-bit games they want to play. They’ve already submitted an update to Apple to try to help the problem, but mention “the update might fix the start up issue due to the memory savings but I’m not 100% at the moment as we’re still investigating."

We’ve got our fingers crossed for a speedy fix, but with how attentive of a developer Perchang is, I’ve got a feeling it won’t be long before the few folks with issues are happily plugging along in Warhammer Quest 2. I wouldn’t let a potential bug push you off purchasing this game, as it definitely isn’t happening to everyone, and so far Warhammer Quest 2 seems like one hell of a game.

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