Megazords Have Formed in ‘Power Rangers: Legacy Wars’

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Power Rangers: Legacy Wars (Free), fresh from its showcase at Amazon’s Mobile Masters esport competition, is getting its biggest update yet that will have giant Megazords fighting other giant Megazords in a, you guessed it, giant Megazord on Megazord fight. There’s something about giant mechs fighting other giant mechs that gets gamers’ hearts pumping faster, so I’m pretty sure those who enjoy Power Rangers will have a gigantic blast with this new update. There are four Megazords to unlock, but who they are is a secret; you’ll have to collect Zord Shards to find out. And during the Megazord Alliance Wars event, you can take your Megazords to battle against other Alliances, trying to deal the most damage to opposing Megazords to add to their Alliance’s score.

You can, of course, customize your Megazord using 12 Mega Abilities, including restoring your energy, silencing your opponents’ Breakers briefly, and so on. All these Megas can be earned from Alliance Missions and Megazord Battles. This huge update, the biggest in the game yet, has a ton more additions and fixes, which you can read about here. It shows that there’s a lot more content to come to Power Rangers: Legacy Wars, and that’s a good thing for those who enjoy the game.

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