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‘Syllablade’ Is a Blend of Word Puzzle and RPG From ‘CivCrafter’ Developer

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I enjoy word games more than most people do, but I also enjoy it when developers throw in various other mechanics to freshen up the genre. Syllablade, the next game from the developer of the much-loved CivCrafter (Free) (which was our Game of the Week back when it came out) takes your usual word puzzle mechanics and adds an RPG layer on top to make it more exciting. The bigger and more difficult the word is, the more damage it causes. You will be making your way through maps with increasing level of difficulty, defeating various bosses and minions along the way. And, as you would expect, you can get your hands on various powerups to help take down those evil beings. And this being an RPG, it offers plenty of customization options.

Syllablade also comes with a clan system similar to the one from CivCrafter, which will allow you to take on other clans in weekly tournaments for that extra competitive dimension. The game will be free-to-play, as expected, and will release October 19th. If you want to join the beta and help the developers improve the game, head over to our Upcoming Games forum thread.

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