Battle with Zombies, Pirates, Dinosaurs and More in Crazy Card Game ‘Smash Up’, Out Now

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At long last Smash Up ($1.99), a unique card battler, has arrived in the Apple Store. Nomad Games has been steadily working on a digital version of tabletop hit for some time and you can now play the results. In Smash Up there are nine playable factions including zombies, ninjas, pirates, dinosaurs, and robots. Each faction has its own deck which boasts cards with unique abilities and a distinct play style. You start the game by taking turns drafting two of these factions into service and shuffling the two decks together into what is hopefully a powerful 40-card alliance fit to take down your opponents. We wrote about Smash Up’s impending mobile launch last week, but the game has finally released onto the App Store today.

The digital version of Smash Up is attractive and seems to capture the fun of the tabletop experience. The different faction combinations ensure that every game will play out a little different and offer plenty of play styles to explore. Smash Up supports up to four players and you can play online or against friends. Considering Nomad Games’ track record with previous mobile ports, you can expect Smash Up to be an incredibly sturdy iOS card title that is certainly worth a look. Check out more about the game in our forum thread.

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