‘Forward Assault’ Update Includes One New Map and Multiple New Weapons/Skins

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I have absolutely loved playing Forward Assault (Free) since its initial release on the App Store. In my opinion, it delivers a solid CS:GO-like experience on mobile devices that few other iOS games can rival. Lucas Wilde has been busy working on big updates (simultaneously) for Forward Assault and his other game, Bullet Force (Free). Today, Forward Assault’s update has arrived!

The new update includes a new (and large) map called “Arid", as well as multiple new weapons, including the RFB, M1014, Glock, and Tec-9. There are also a variety of new skins to get your hands on if vanity is your thing. This update seems to have brought quite a few players to the game and there are more game lobbies available than ever. If you haven’t tried out Forward Assault yet, now is the time! Don’t forget to take a peek at the game’s forum thread to hear other people’s impressions of the update or feel free to check out our guide for the game.

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