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‘Tactical Monsters Rumble Arena’ Will Bring Fast Tactical Action to Your Device

Tactical Monsters Rumble Arena is the sequel to the successful Heroes Tactics (Free) from back in 2015 and will bring to your device a fast-paced but deep tactical RPG with a ton of creatures to play around with. Heroes Tactics was a fun take on the social RPG formula, and the developers want to take what worked in the original and refine it for mobile by making battles last between 3-5 minutes, which makes it easier to play the game on the go. I’m glad to see developers figuring out that mobile gamers don’t usually have the time for protracted gaming sessions and are acting accordingly.

As you can see from the trailer, the game’s turn-based battles take place on a hexagonal field. You’ll have over 60 monsters to use in battle, each with their own classes and abilities, and you’ll be able to play in different modes, including PvE (story mode, puzzle mode, and many others) as well as PvP (Arena, Mine Defense Mode, Clan War, and more). As you can tell, there’s no lack of content in Tactical Monsters Rumble Arena. And since this is a social game with clans, you’ll be able to trade monsters with others, which should help those who don’t want to spend much money. The game is coming out in November and will be, of course, free-to-play.