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‘SimpleRockets 2’ Coming in Early 2018 to iOS, Android, and PC

Developer Jundroo hit on a winning formula when they released their physics sandbox game SimplePhysics ($0.99) back in March of 2011. The game allowed you to create various types of structures and then let them loose in a realistic physics environment to see if they’d hold up or if your architectural dreams would turn into nightmares. The game was a hit with players, cruising towards the top of the charts early in its life, and a couple of years later they released SimpleRockets ($2.99) which saw a similar sort of success. As you could probably guess based off its name, SimpleRockets let you build the rocket of your dreams and then try to successfully launch it into space, not totally unlike the smash hit indie game Kerbal Space Program. In late 2014 they applied the formula to building planes in SimplePlanes ($5.99), and just this past July they went for a change of pace with the twitchy arcade game Aero Effect ($0.99). Now, Jundroo is heading back to that earlier success with a sequel to SimpleRockets which you can catch a glimpse of in the teaser below.

As you can see, SimpleRockets 2 takes the full 3D approach to its rocket building, compared to the original game’s 2D visuals. This should add in an even greater element of realism when trying to successfully launch your creations, as now there’s that whole third dimension thing to worry about. Not many more details have been released just yet but I’d expect it’ll be along the same lines of the first game with multiple planets to shoot for, space stations to dock with, rovers to build, and much more. Just way prettier. The planned release is sometime in early 2018, and if you want to be alerted by Jundroo when the game is ready to release you can sign up for their mailing list here. I’ve enjoyed the previous games in the series so will be looking forward to SimpleRockets 2 sometime early next year.