Bandai Namco’s Monster Battler ‘DigimonLinks’ Has Finally Launched Worldwide on the App Store

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Back when I was a child in school, the Pokemon vs Digimon debate was at its peak. While I greatly enjoyed the Digimon cartoon show, Nintendo’s monster-fighting games were just so much enjoyable, and continue to be a favorite series of mine twenty years on. That being said, Digimon World for PS1 was a classic, and the recent Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth for the PS Vita was a mightily enjoyable return to form. Last week, we showcased the first English trailer for DigimonLinks (Free) – the major iOS debut of the series – and today the English version of the game is finally available to download on the App Store.

The main feature of DigimonLinks is undoubtedly its 3-on-3 battle system, where you’re tasked with capitalising on the attributes and resistances of specific creatures to win in battle. There is also elements of town management titles in the form of a ‘digi-space’, where you create facilities that will allow you to power up your creatures and prepare them for battle. Expect all the typical free-to-play shenanigans here, as the app description cites items available to purchase that will help ‘speed up your progress’. Considering these are essentially an inevitability in any major release on the 2017 App Store, I’m just hoping that they aren’t too detrimental to the natural flow of gameplay. If Bandai Namco can nail the complexity and fluidity of the online co-op battles, DigimonLinks could be a neat new addition for fans of the series. Download DigimonLinks on the App Store now, and share your initial impressions on our forum thread.

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