Classic 2013 Dungeon Crawler ‘Dungeonism’ Is Free for the First Time on the App Store

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The past few turbulent months for iOS gaming have forced me to try and re-evaluate my perspective on the legacy and impact of the App Store. It’s an inevitability that many digital games in such a volatile ecosystem will eventually become unplayable – rather than lament the loss of many of my childhood favorites to the restrictions of iOS 11, it’s probably best to just appreciate every release as it comes, and not expect much more. However, while I don’t have enough fingers and toes to count the games that have perished from the App Store, there are equally as many that are still running strong today, and Dungeonism (Free) is one such title. Featuring classic dungeon-crawling gameplay with a simple and rhythmic turn-based twist, Dungeonism was well received in our review at its launch in 2013, and is available for free today for the first time on the App Store.

Considering Dungeonism has not even been on sale since its release over four years ago, it’s nice to see the developer give an older App Store title a chance to attract new players with a limited time promotion like this. With a forum thread featuring over 200 posts, and the occasional scare as the game disappeared from the App Store for a while in 2016, Dungeonism proved to be a cult hit with our mobile gaming community, and for good reason. It may not be a particularly innovative release – the developer cites inspiration from Pac-Man and Temple of Apshai in the App Store description, after all – but the meticulous detail and accessibility to the tile-based dungeons resulted in an experience that is as easy to get completely sucked into in 2017 as it was four years ago. With no explicit details on how long this promotion will last, download Dungeonism for free on the App Store today, and let us know your impressions or memories on our forum thread.

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    Dungeonism is a turn-and-tile-based dungeon crawler. It’s not quite a roguelike, but it is rogue-ish. Taking equal in…
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