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Crazy Dungeon Crawler ‘The Scrungeon Depths’ Has a Hilarious New Trailer, Launching November 9th on the App Store

Earlier this year, we brought you news on the eclectic endless roguelike dungeon crawler The Scrungeon Depths, and both the early previews and tremendous beta testing response have emphasised how well developer Chase Holton has refined the humorous and hectic nature of the game. With some pretty pixel art graphics and a lot of enemies to slay, The Scrungeon Depths reminds me of the likes of Death Road to Canada ($14.99) and The Binding of Isaac ($14.99) but dialled up to 11, which is a fantastically enticing prospect. After a few weeks of radio silence, the developer has revealed a brilliant brand new trailer for the game, and has also announced that The Scrungeon Depths will be launching on the App Store next month on November 9th.

The Scrungeon Depths is an incredibly clever game that manages to both exemplify and satirise the dungeon crawling genre, and the resulting amalgam is something that looks like a lot of fun to play. With extensive customisation systems and a heavy emphasis on randomisation, there is a lot to keep hardcore RPG fans satisfied. On the other hand, the plethora of ridiculous damage numbers that crop up in combat emulate the hilarity of games like Disgaea, and the random nature of the equipment results in a weapon called ‘Claustrophobic Slashing Nordby’s Sword of Bradley Michael Farts and the Jazz Flutes’. By all means, a formidable name for a monster-slaying blade. Seeing the game improve over the past few months has been awesome, and The Scrungeon Depths should be an essential purchase for roguelike fans when it releases on November 9th. For more information on The Scrungeon Depths, be sure to descend down to our forum thread.