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Puzzle Platformer Remake ‘Duke Dashington Remastered’ Is Charging Onto the App Store on November 9th

2014’s Duke Dashington ($0.99) was the first in a long line of awesome puzzle platforming titles from developer Adventure Islands, and the frantic nature of the challenges combined with the Wario-esque arrogant swagger of the titular protagonist resulted in a particularly memorable mobile experience. Those of us who may have enjoyed the original game will be all to aware that the recent 32-bit Appocalypse means the game is currently unplayable on iOS 11, however the developers have seized this seemingly sad situation to bring Duke Dashington charging into 2017 in style. Enter Duke Dashington Remastered – don’t let the name fool you, this entirely new game in the series is built from the ground up with new level design and improvements in almost every aspect of the title, and is set to launch on the App Store on November 9th.

To be honest, a iOS 11 compatible version of Duke Dashington would have been enough to sell me on this latest release, but Adventure Islands has gone above and beyond to add in a lot of additional content to make the game worth downloading for a second time. Four dungeons, featuring 120 of the trademark 10 second rooms, are included, with improved level design, tighter controls and stunning redrawn pixel art graphics. A Time Trial mode is also included for any high-score junkies, with the standard Game Center leaderboards to satiate the speed-running demon inside of all of us. Best of all, the game is free to download with a singular in-app purchase to remove advertisements. Come November 9th, we’ll finally be able to send our adventurous Duke around deadly dungeons once again – for more information on Duke Dashington Remastered, check out the brand new trailer above, and charge on down to our forum thread for even more screenshots and exclusive details.