‘Blizzard’ App Lets You Stay in Touch With Friends and Frenemies

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The good people over at Blizzard have decided to give you another way to keep in touch with all your Blizzard-gaming friends, so they are releasing an app called Blizzard (Free) today for both iOS and Android. This new app allows to chat with the friends you already have (even if they aren’t online at the moment), check your chat history with them (so you can keep track of any previous slights), and, of course, get notifications when someone messages you. As is the case with the desktop version of, you are also able to see what your friends are playing so you can decide if you want to join the party or avoid it altogether.

In addition to chatting with old friends, you can make new ones using the new app. Specifically, all the features from the Desktop App relating to managing and adding friends will now be available on your phone. And you can add friends either by using Battle ID, by browsing friend suggestions, or by scanning a QR code, which will be great come BlizzCon time. The app is making its rounds on the various App Stores, so be a bit patient if you can’t see it right away.

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