‘Better Together’ ‘Minecraft’ Update Coming Out Tomorrow, Get Ready

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I’ve been patiently waiting for Minecraft‘s ($6.99) upcoming Better Together update to go live, and we finally know when it’s coming out: tomorrow, Wednesday. The update, which will add a total of 34 new features to the game, has been in Android, Xbox One, and Windows 10 beta for some time now, and that beta has helped developers squash over 3000 bugs. The developers have provided an update with some of the latest additions to Better Together, and they sound great. We are getting coordinates (although still a cheat) that will allow us to navigate maps and Realms better, the ability to switch between Classic Crafting and the Recipe Book, and also the ability to make copies of worlds to keep as backups. And, as we’ve talked about in previous stories, we are also getting official servers, cross-platform play, stained glass, banners, fireworks, parrots, ravines, and more.

The update is also adjusting the way players drift while flying in Creative Mode, including increasing the flying speed, adding a clear hot bar when starting Creative Mode, and improving the HUD. Some features will have to wait until future updates, like amplified and super-flat worlds, an improvement to the speed with which you can place blocks (great for builders like me), improvements to the Marketplace, and more. Not long to wait now, so get ready for some really cool new features.

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