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‘Another Lost Phone: Laura’s Story’ Launch Trailer Shows a Bit More of That Phone

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Accidental Queens’ Another Lost Phone ($1.99) was an unexpected hit that resonated with players partly because of its unflinching approach to what some would consider controversial topics, and Another Lost Phone: Laura’s Story, releasing on the 21st, is going to give us another chance to delve into someone’s phone and personal life. Today, Accidental Queens released the game’s launch trailer, and you can get a taste of how the game will look and play and the kinds of questions it raises. The story won’t be just more of Another Lost Phone; the developers will explore new themes in the sequel and, of course, also bring us new puzzles and new mysteries.

I’m enjoying seeing developers embrace the mobile phone as a storytelling device, especially since these devices now are not just a reflection of our personality but more of an extension of it. I sometimes wonder how someone would interpret my personality if all they had to go with was my phone. A bit of a scary thought. The game is coming out Thursday, September 21st and will cost $2.99.

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