Final ‘Journey Down’ Chapter Is Almost Here – Should Be Worth the Long Wait

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The lovely adventure game Journey Down ($4.99) has had a very long journey, but we are almost at the end. The first chapter came out around 2012 and the second one in 2014, so quite the gap between the two. Three years after the second chapter, the third and final chapter of the game is only a week away, and I’m glad to finally be able to see the conclusion of the lovely story. We’ve already talked about the game releasing on September 21st, but I wanted to make sure those who’ve been anxiously waiting for all these years got ready to finally finish the story. The Journey Down is a classic point-and-tap adventure game that has an excellent atmosphere and an Afro-Caribbean vibe you don’t often see in other adventure games. The game is worth playing just for the lore that it explores. But it has more than just an interesting tradition to stand on; it’s also gorgeous, with many hand-painted environments that really stand out, especially on an iPad screen. Add to that a fun jazzy-reggae soundtrack and fully voiced cast, and it’s easy to see why people really enjoy The Journey Down.

We really enjoyed Chapter Two in our review (back in 2014) because it improved upon the already strong original chapter and had great characters and a compelling story. This is the kind of adventure game you should jump on if you haven’t had the chance to already, and with the third chapter finally coming out September 21st, this is your chance to grab all three and play them without having to wait for years for an episode to release.

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