Civilization-like ‘A Planet of Mine’ Has More Content Coming and is Looking for Beta Testers

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A Planet of Mine (Free) is a real-time, pocket-sized game of galactic exploration, imperial expansion, resource gathering, economic production, and the extermination of those that stand in your way. Think Civilization on your phone but with quasi-cute animalistic characters. It’s a super compelling and very fun game that I avoid opening unless I have at least an hour, maybe more, to sacrifice to the alter of the gaming gods. Now Tuesday Quest, the developers of the game, are working on updates for the game and looking for a stable of beta testers to put said updates through their paces before releasing to the rest of us.

To get in on the action, send the developers a direct message on Twitter with your email address. If you haven’t tried A Planet of Mine you really should. It’s free to try with access to four different species and the turn-limited “Discovery Mode", which is more than enough content to make a decision. A $5 IAP unlocks everything—16 total species and 17 modes of play—though there are $2 packs that unlock a subset of each. You can also check out more about the game in our forums.

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