‘Tavern vs Lich King’ Is This Month’s ‘Hearthstone’ Fireside Brawl

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Blizzard recently announced that it was overhauling its Hearthstone (Free) Fireside Gatherings with the purpose of giving players there a reason to go there beyond just playing against each other. One of the ways to make Fireside Gatherings more fun will be Fireside Brawls, special Tavern Brawls you can only play at a Fireside Gathering, and this month’s Fireside Brawl is Tavern vs Lich King, a modified version of the raid-like brawl from Gamescom 2017. Specifically, every player who joints a Fireside Brawl can take part in chipping away at the Lich King’s huge pool of help, and the more damage you do, the better. You and another Fireside Brawl player will team up on one device and try and take the Lich King down; if he beats the first deck, you get to Discover a Class for your team’s second deck and go at it again. And there are multiple phases to the whole encounter, so the more damage you make, the more surprises you’ll encounter.

The official announcement notes that the Innkeepers (those organizing the Fireside Gatherings) get to decide the total health of their local Lich King, which is a fun power to have. And Blizzard offers plenty of materials to help you make your Fireside Gathering as fancy as possible. The Tavern vs Lich King Brawl will run for a whole month with no off days, so perhaps now’s the time to try one of those Fireside Gatherings, or even organize your own. Head here for more details on the Brawl.

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