‘Super Mario Run’ Is Gone from the App Store

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Well, this is an interesting situation to wake up to. As of the writing of this story, Super Mario Run is gone from the App Store. I guess you could say it has ran away from it. If you go onto the App Store and search for the game, you only get Super Mario Run Stickers but no actual game. You can still find it and download it from your Purchased page, but the store page is gone. The game is still around on Google Play, so this isn’t a global wipe, at least at the moment. We had no warning that I know of that this was going to happen, so it’s pretty much speculation time for everyone.

Most of the issues an App Store game can face can be resolved with an update, so there’s no reason to pull a game unless the game broke for some reason (sometimes that happens when iOS updates hit). Perhaps this is something to do with iOS 11 coming soon, although Super Mario Run is a 64-bit app and won’t face the app-ocalypse. Maybe this was done so people looking for those elusive SNES Classics won’t feel they are the only ones suffering from shortages. We’ll try and figure out what exactly is going on and update this story, so keep your eyes here.

Update: And it’s back.

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