No ‘Hearthstone’ Roundup This Week Because of Labor Day Weekend – Here Are Fun Videos Instead

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As many of you know, this weekend is Labor Day Weekend in the US, and even though it sounds like we are supposed to work even harder during that time, we usually don’t. So, we won’t be publishing our weekly Hearthstone (Free) roundup this week. If you’ve been keeping an eye on the Hearthstone scene last week, you’ll know that the majority of the stories are about Druid being over-powered and ruining the fun for everyone, so this roundup would have been a bit monotonous. I’m sure Blizzard is taking a pretty hard look at the state of the meta and Druid’s power levels, but it remains to be seen whether they’ll wait and see if the meta will settle down into something that isn’t so overbearingly Druidic or whether they’ll, for the first time, pull the nerf trigger early an bring the game back to a semblance of class balance. The weeks after an expansion hits are always tricky measure of how the game is doing, so I can understand any hesitation. I think we should know more about what Blizzard is going to do (or not do) soon.

In the meantime, here are some fun videos to hold you over until next week. Druid might be running the game, but there is always silliness in the world of Hearthstone, and what better way to enjoy that silliness than in video form. Enjoy, and see you next week.

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