Fantastic Solitaire Card Game ‘Miracle Merchant’ Makes $52,000 in First Month

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Super-powered indie developer TinyTouchTales released their awesome solitaire-style card game Miracle Merchant (Free) one month ago. Miracle Merchant is an attractive, intuitive, and fun game and one of the best new titles of 2017. One of the things I like about TinyTouchTales is that they are very transparent about the sales of their games. This helps others get a look behind the scenes of mobile-game development which is fun to see and invaluable for new developers considering taking a crack at their first game. Miracle Merchant is no different and we now have a look at how well the game has done.

Buoyed by a prominent App Store feature the game did well in its first week and camped out in the top-200 paid games for quite the stay, topping out at #11 overall and the #2 card game. Miracle Merchant is free-to-try on Android with an IAP unlock and had significantly more downloads (53,785) than on iOS (30,656) but far less revenue. Overall, the app has made just over $52,000 with 84% of that coming from iOS.

That’s a solid number for an indie developer in the first month, though TinyTouchTales says the game’s reception has been mixed. Many gamers expected another Card Crawl (Free) or Card Thief (Free) where Miracle Merchant was always intended to be a much lighter experience. It’s still a great game, however, and you should check out my 5-star review for more as well as the loads of comments in our forums.

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