PAX: The Fidgetly CTRL Smart Fidget Spinner is just as ridiculous as you’d expect

Wandering through every last nook at PAX looking for anything to do with mobile, we stumbled across the booth for the FidgetlyCTRL Smart Fidget Spinner, a bluetooth-connected fidget spinner that does all sorts of stupid things through their open API developers can use. The demos they had on the show floor were using the spinner to control music, and play a Flappy Bird-like. Check it out:

Additionally in the video is all the stats the device captures. It’s available for preorder for $39.99, and I’m super curious to see how this thing does when it launches. On one hand, the idea of a “smart" spinner is pretty amusing, but on the other… Is the fidget spinner craze starting to die? I guess we’ll just have to wait for the FidgetlyCTRL to launch officially to find out.