Get Your Dragon Fix in ‘Talisman Digital Edition’s’ New Expansion

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Talisman Digital Edition ($3.99), licensed from the classic Games Workshop fantasy-adventure board game by the same name, was brought to mobile life by Nomad Games several years ago. It’s a game where up to six players battle through dangerous creatures to be the first to lay claim to the coveted Crown of Command, thus winning the game. A great thing about this title is that Nomad keeps adding content to it. The Dragon Expansion was just released to the App Store and adds a hefty dose of newness to the game. As the name implies, there be dragons within, the Draconic Lords to be precise. Three dragons with awesome powers and selfish motivations looking to return to the Firelands, their ancestral home, regardless of what the current denizens think of that plan. Players now must take on these mythical creatures to win the day.

The Dragon expansion includes a new region where the action takes place: The Inner Region, along with 300 new cards. There are also six new heroes to play, some with direct dragon experience—Dragon Hunter, Dragon Rider, and Dragon Priestess—and others with suitable skills to make a go of it—Fire Wizard, Conjurer, and Minotaur. The base game of Talisman is just a buck and the Dragon Expansion will set you back $2. Check out our nearly perfect 4.5 star review from back in the day for more on the base game.

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