Codemasters’ Rapid Racer ‘F1 2016’ on Sale for $0.99, Its Lowest Price Ever

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F1 2016 ($1.99) was a fairly major release at the bookend of last year, and while we had a few issues with the game’s AI in our review, it is undoubtedly a beautiful representation of the blisteringly fast sport on the smaller screen. With the Belgian Grand Prix taking place this weekend as this year’s world championship firmly accelerates into the second half of the series, there has never been a better time to try out the App Store iteration of Codemasters’ racing series, and today the game has gone on sale for a mere $0.99 – the lowest price since its launch. For fans looking for something to fill the void while waiting for qualification to begin, or anyone wanting a game that truly make the most of the iPhone’s graphical fidelity, this limited time dollar promotion for F1 2016 is one you don’t want to let drive past you.

While its initial ten dollar price may have been a bit of a gamble considering Tasos’ extensive criticisms in our review, the jaw-dropping graphical design combined with some solid solo racing action are more than worth this new dollar price of entry. However, if past Codemasters sales are anything to go by, there’s no telling how long this promotion for F1 2016 will last. It could revert back to its base price within hours, or last for more than a week. With the latest entry in the form of F1 2017 releasing on consoles today, I’m hoping it’s the latter, but until then it’s best to jump on this sale as soon as possible if you’re interested in getting behind the wheel on mobile devices. Hopefully a slightly more refined F1 2017 iteration for iOS is in the pipeline, but until then, marvel at the beautiful detail of the Nurburgring in F1 2016 for only $0.99.

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