The ‘Hearthstone’ Tavern Brawl This Week Reduces Your Card Cost Each Turn

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All kinds of interesting things are happening in Hearthstone (Free) over at Gamescom 2017, with a huge Fireside Brawl mimicking an MMO raid, but unfortunately those of us not there have to settle for a typical Tavern Brawl. By the Power of Ragnaros is a new brawl, and it mimics the power of Emperor Thaurissan. In other words, you build your own deck, and at the end of your turn, the cards in your hand get cheaper by one. Keep in mind that the end of your opponent’s turn has no effect on your cards and that this effect only affects cards in your hand, not in your deck. There are quite a few decks that can find success in this Brawl, but remember to mulligan properly since that opening hand is going to get cheap really quickly.

In terms of strategy, Quest decks seem to be strong because you don’t have to worry about the deck being too slow. Mage spell decks are also quite successful and give you cheap Ice Blocks and Ice Barriers so you can extend the match. Or you can go all predictable and bring Pirate Warrior to the party, which appears to be very unfair. And if you feel all silly, bring an Anyfin Paladin and get all the murlocs on the board. Let me know in the comments what decks you’re running.

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