‘Minecraft’ Marketplace Top Sellers List Will Help You Shop Wisely

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Minecraft ($6.99) has been adding all kinds of different stuff to its Marketplace, but if you weren’t sure what you should get first, this ranking of the top ten sellers during the month of July might be a good place to start your shopping experience. The top seller was Noxcrew’s Summer Mini-Games Festival, which shouldn’t be too surprising given how much Minecraft players like mini-games. The next three best sellers are spawn builds—Fallen Keep, Dustville, and Wisteria Grove—followed by some maps and, wrapping up the list, three resource packs. I think it’s pretty clear that spawn builds are the most popular items on the Marketplace (the mini-games one is an outlier), which makes sense since they are very easily incorporated into survival adventures.

While Mojang didn’t reveal how much these Marketplace items have sold, I’d be surprised if they aren’t doing very well. I know that many players—especially those who’ve played the game on the PC—aren’t happy about paying for content that they could get for free on the PC. But I’m pretty sure many younger players or those who haven’t played the PC version are more than happy to pay a few bucks to get more Minecraft content. Have you bought anything from the Marketplace?

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