‘Hearthstone’ Animated Short ‘Hearth and Home’ Is Lovely Tale, Is the First of Many to Come

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Blizzard is currently doing its Gamescom 2017 presentation, and it just revealed a really great Hearthstone (Free) animated short called Hearth and Home that breathes life into our favorite card game. We are used to seeing animated shorts for Overwatch—which are a great way of presenting backstories and building up the game’s lore—but this Hearthstone short goes in a different direction and gives us a Disney-like short that’s less about a backstory and more about bringing the game to life. It’s a lovely short that shows off how good Blizzard is getting at creating animated shorts and is definitely a great way to advertise the game to non-gamers or those gamers who don’t have their fingers on the pulse of the gaming scene.

This Hearthstone short is just the first in a new series of comics and shorts starring the cast we just watched sing and dance in the tavern. I’m excited to see Blizzard’s card game spread its wings in other forms of entertainment, and I can see future expansions getting fleshed out as shorts and comics, which is great news for anyone who enjoys the ideas and art behind Hearthstone. What did you think of the short, and are you looking forward to seeing more?

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