‘Eternal Card Game’ Has Its Own Eclipse, The Shadow Eclipse Event is Going On Now

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This year has seen a large number of collectible-card game contenders enter the scene, all looking to take a bite out of the audiences of Hearthstone (Free), Clash Royale (Free), or both. Eternal Card Game (Free) was a recent entrant into the field and perhaps the most Magic: The Gathering like of all options out there today. You declare blockers in Eternal, for one, a facet of gameplay Hearthstone jettisoned for simplicity’s sake and most others have followed suit. Eternal also features what seems like gigantic booster packs at twelve cards deep. It’s a really good game and made by Dire Wolf Digital, the folks behind The Elder Scrolls: Legends (Free).

There’s a new event running in Eternal, and a timely one at that given today’s astronomical import across much of the world. The Shadow Eclipse event costs 2,000 gold or 200 gems to enter and will go to 7 wins or 3 losses for each player with a single constructed deck. The deck must contain at least 25 shadow cards and your first 5 runs will determine your position on the event leaderboards. The event has a special rule that should make things interesting: at the beginning of your turn you will draw and extra card.

More cards are always good so get in there and make it happen! Be sure to drop by our forums page to brag about your success or talk about the game in general.

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