‘Bust-A-Move Journey’ From Taito, or ‘Puzzle Bobble Journey’ Outside of the US, Is Now Available Worldwide

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Out of nowhere this morning, TAITO have just released their classic puzzle game Bust-A-Move Journey ($4.99) on the App Store as a paid release with in app purchases. Known as Puzzle Bobble Journey outside of North America – with an entirely different App Store link for those in regions outside of the States, Bust-A-Move Journey has more than 270 stages, with different achievements for each level. For those unfamiliar with the series, the aim of Bust-A-Move Journey is to pop bubbles with a match-3 like system. If you’re curious about how this version looks, there’s a trailer that you can watch below.

The mobile version has some new features like an Easy Mode, and in app purchases for levels after stage 270. Bust-A-Move Journey is available right now for $4.99, and this release is the latest of TAITO’s classic games making their way to the App Store. I wonder what they will bring next. I’m certainly not a fan of in-app purchases inside classic games, but I guess that’s the 2017 App Store for you.


    BUST-A-MOVE Features: - Shoot bubbles and match 3 or more bubbles of the same color to make them pop! - Complete your mi…
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