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Is the Infamous ‘The Wild’ Just Now Entering Development?

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From all the games to have ever graced our forums, The Wild probably has the most tortured history filled with some highs and many, many lows. And even though every one of us considered the game gone in the wild, never to make it to the App Store, today the developers announced that they are “officially in development phase of The Wild," a statement that’s surprising for quite a few reasons. First of all, is the game really back from the dead, again? And secondly, is it just now going into development even though it’s been talked about for years? The developer Playerground Design Studios (formerly known as Toonuva Games) declare in today’s Facebook post that the studio has been renamed to better reflect the mission of creating digital playgrounds and sandboxes and name Mini DAYZ, Don’t Starve, and Cat Quest as instrumental in the studio’s approach and design. Will this new beginning lead to an actual happy ending this time around? Well, we’ve been here many times before, so it remains to be seen.

If you haven’t been following the saga that is The Wild, the game made its presence known on our forums back in 2014 and quickly became a forum favorite for its ambition of bringing a survival game based on exploration and discovery to mobile long before games like Radiation Island were released. And then the developers went silent. And then they came back. And then they were gone, again. There are 340 tortured forum pages you can peruse in what could be a study in despair and hope. Will we finally see The Wild? Well, your guess is as good as mine.

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