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‘Through the Ages’ Mobile Version to be Released September 14

Through the Ages is one of the most popular board games in the world and its digital transformation is very nearly complete. Czech Games, the makers of Vlad Chvátil’s classic, tweeted out the news that the game is coming September 14th. In Through the Ages you seek to build the best possible civilization through the usual combination of resource management, military development, and technology-tree selection. The game throws in some interesting twists facets as well with the electing of strong (and wise) leaders and discovery and control of world wonders. It’s a card drafting game and as such has a decently sized learning curve one must ascend before really excelling at the game, but is well worth the effort for fans of tabletop games.

We’ve been waiting quite some time for a digital version of Through the Ages. It was Gen Con 2016 that we got our first good glimpse of the game in action and beta testing has been running for several months. Will it be worth the wait? In less than a month we’ll find out.