‘Stronghold Kingdoms’ Is Now Available Worldwide

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The mobile version of the classic Stronghold franchise called Stronghold Kingdoms (Free) has finally launched worldwide, so you now all check it out. At the same time, keep in mind that this game is an MMO version of the classic Stronghold series, so go in expecting something closer to Clash of Clans than the traditional castle-building of Stronghold, although players in our forums point out that it’s not a Clash of Clans clone. In this game you get to build your own castle with all kinds of castle defenses, manage your resources and troop production, trade with the many other players on the map, siege other players’ castles, and so on.

If you enjoy these kinds of MMOs, then Stronghold Kingdoms will probably be a fun take on the genre. And the game has millions of players on the PC version, so it should be easy to create alliances and find people to fight. Of course that might mean that there are many other players who are already pretty advanced. If you’re not sure what the game is about, you can check our GDC video above to get a taste of how it plays. The game is live now worldwide, so go check it out.

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