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Surreal Adventure Game ‘Karma.Incarnation 1’ Coming to iOS August 24th

We’ve written quite a few times about the upcoming surreal adventure game Karma.Incarnation 1, the port of the PC game with the same name, which, after making its way to Android a few months back, is now ready to finally come to iOS on August 24th. In Karma.Incarnation 1 you try to rescue your beloved, who’s been abducted by evil spirits. And you decide that the best way to go about doing that is turning into a ferocious dragon. However, things don’t go as planned and, instead, you end up as a worm called Pip, definitely not the most powerful creature in the world. In order to rescue your beloved, you have to travel across a lovely, psychedelic world and solve puzzles as you try and learn the laws of Karma.

The game has good really good reviews on Steam, with players enjoying both the art but also the gameplay. The whole world is populated by silly hand-drawn characters, and overall the game really looks like it will be a blast to play. Karma.Incarnation 1 will make its way to the App Store on Thursday, August 24th and will cost $1.99. Get ready to explore the laws of Karma.