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‘Mind Control’ Is a Hectic Gauntlet Platformer Flying Onto the App Store September 20th, and Is Looking for Beta Testers

When a game has a name such as Mind Control, it would normally indicate some post-apocalyptic action romp against brainwashed zombies, or perhaps a deep psychological thriller with a pseudo-political edge. As a result, Geekabyte Games have impressed me through taking the most literal definition for their upcoming release’s title. In Geekabyte’s take on Mind Control, you’re tasked with using mysterious propulsion methods to navigate a sentient brain around numerous obstacles, and the result is as bizarre and hilarious as you’d expect. Mind Control is set to launch on the App Store on September 20th, however the developers are looking for beta testers to try out the game before its release on our forum thread.

In Mind Control, you must control the eponymous mind with novel swiping controls through 25 levels full to the brim with sci-fi inspired traps and enemy weaponry, amidst what the developer describes as a ‘dark comedy storyline’. One particularly nice touch is how the cartoon brain portrays numerous emotions as it interacts with the environment, whether it is reacting with horror to experimental relics in the nondescript factory setting, or showing exasperation when yet another laser trap aims to saw the cranium into two. With the fast and tricky action portrayed in the game’s trailer, Mind Control will live and die based on how intuitive and accurate the swipe-to-move controls actually are, but with over a month until the game’s release there is plenty of time for the developers to fine-tune these inputs further. Look out for flying brains on the App Store on September 20th, or sign up for the Mind Control’s beta test on our forums for an early glimpse at this intriguing platforming title.