‘Clash Royale’ 2v2 Mode is Coming Back (Again) and You and Your Teammate Can Win a Ton of Gems

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Supercell, the makers of super popular lane-based collectible-card game Clash Royale (Free), tweeted out its intent to bring back one of the game’s most popular modes of play soon. 2v2 allows a pair of players to take on an opposing duo in a number of different formats, including “Friendly Battle", “Draft", and various challenges. Clash Royale’s player base really enjoys the change of pace and tends to clamor for more 2v2. The game just had its “Summer of 2v2" where dynamic duos could lay the smack down for the entire month of July. Apparently, that’s not all, and we’ll see more 2v2 action soon.

Oh yeah, they are also giving away 2500 gems to 10 teams of two. You just have to respond to Clash Royale with the player tags of both teammates on Twitter or Facebook to be eligible. Supercell will randomly select the winners. That’s quite a haul of gems to give your 2v2 aspirations a jump start! Check out more about Clash Royale, and brag about winning if you do, in our forums.

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