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Upcoming ‘Will Hero’ Is a Fun Platformer With One-Tap Controls

Will Hero is a cute and clever upcoming rogue-like that you can play with one hand, which is great for when you’re on the go. You play as Will, a pretty square guy who’s out to save the princess (isn’t that always the case). As he traverses the game’s many levels, he gets his tiny little hands on all kinds of fun weapons like swords, throwing knives, and axes. And, of course, he also has the trusted weapon of many platformers, the bump. As you can see in the trailer, the game rewards patience and combos, so it’s not all running and bumping/attacking. And even though the art looks simple, it’s actually very well drawn.

The levels are procedurally generated as are the enemies you encounter and the weapons and upgrades. You also complete quests that help you build your Tower, which allows you to unlock combat spells. As you would expect in a game like this, you get stronger as you go but all those upgrades go away once you die. The game is going to release late September and will be free-to-play. What do you think of Will Hero?