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‘Armor Age: Tank Wars’ Is a Platoon-Based RTS Looking for Testers in Our Forums

Armor Age: Tank Wars wants to bring a historically-accurate (to the degree that’s possible) real-time strategy game to your mobile device, and it needs the help of our forum readers to do so. This RTS game has you leading a platoon of tanks against other platoons in a campaign and in PvP battles. Each platoon has up to six tanks, and as you play, you get to level up your tanks and their crews as well as get access to other tanks. The game will offer real-time battles with tactical pause, although it remains to be seen how that part works in PvP battles. As you can see from the trailer below, Armor Age has pretty good visuals and interesting terrain features, which should make for fun tactical decisions.

If you want to help the developers improve the game, you can download the game in Ireland, New Zealand, and Australia from this link and then hop over to our forum thread to offer feedback. If you don’t have an account in any of those countries, you can go here (or just PM the developers on our forums) to join the beta. If you like what you see and were looking for an RTS on your mobile device, head over to our forums and check out Armor Age: Tank Wars.