There’s No Need to Standby Anymore, ‘Titanfall: Assault’ is Now Available Worldwide

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Titanfall: Assault (Free) has finally launched worldwide on the App Store. The PvP RTS that’s based on Titanfall is the franchises second proper step into mobile. Titanfall: Frontline never made it out of soft launch but Titanfall: Assault is now available for free across the App Store. This is part of the deal Respawn has with Nexon for a series of mobile games with the Titanfall franchise. Nexon, Respawn Entertainment, and Particle City even have a new launch trailer to celebrate the worldwide release. Watch it below:

Carter streamed a lot of Titanfall: Assault when it soft launched a few months ago. While there have been quite a few updates since then with a decent sized one hitting today, the stream archive will give you a good idea of what playing Titanfall: Assault feels like. Watch it below:

It is going to be interesting seeing the reception to this now that it is widely available. If you’d like more info, check out the official website or the forum thread for Titanfall: Assault.

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