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Sega CD Classic ‘Night Trap’ Collectors Edition Goes on Sale for Consoles and PC Tomorrow, Mobile Is Still a Possibility

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If you weren’t around for the unbelievable hype surrounding the launch of the Sega CD, it’s really difficult to explain the excitement for Night Trap… But I’ll try. At the time, console games were cartridge based, with Sega Genesis cartridges holding a whopping 4MB of data (with two games, Tales of Phantasia and Star Ocean weighing in at an unbelievable 6MB). Developers were incredibly creative with squeezing everything they could out of that space, but extensive voices, real music, and video were pretty much out of the question. One factoid that seems to pop up every so often getting retweeted a ton on Twitter revolves around the “Sega" voice at the beginning of Sonic the Hedgehog soaked up one eighth of the cartridge. When Sega started teasing the capabilities of the Sega CD, and showing games that went from one second of voice work to loads of of full motion video. Looking back on it, sure, the games were mostly gimmicky, but playing something like Night Trap was nothing short of magical at the time.

Anyway, in Night Trap you play as some sort of special agent guarding a house full of teenage girls which is being sieged by vampiric bad guys called “Augers" that want to capture the girls to harvest their blood. If that doesn’t sound like it makes much sense, it didn’t, but that was all part of the charm of the game. You cycle through eight cameras, eavesdropping on the occupants of the house and discovering clues which help you activate traps in the house to capture the Augers. Like Mortal Kombat, Night Trap was also a big part of the early 90’s congressional video game controversy, as people didn’t react kindly to a game involving girls being kidnapped (and subsequently having their blood harvested).

A Night Trap re-release has been high on my wish list basically forever, as I couldn’t even begin to estimate the amount of time I spent trying to beat the game in an era before I could just look up a guide on GameFAQs. Well, starting tomorrow (almost exactly 24 hours from now, as of this writing) you’ll be able to pick up a special edition re-release copy over at Limited Run Games for the PS4, Xbone, and PC. If you don’t care about having the fancy box, the game will be available as a digital download for each of those platforms as well.

My excitement surrounding a Night Trap re-release was somewhat lessened by the fact that it (apparently) wasn’t coming to mobile. After all, Her Story ($3.99) was great on iPad, and it seems like Night Trap would be super simple to get working on a touch screen as the control inputs of the game are effectively limited to switching between the cameras and triggering traps. Well, while plaintively whining on Twitter, the developers responded saying that a mobile version hasn’t been ruled out, and more interesting, the game was originally going to be a mobile title before consoles came along.

I’m still fishing for additional details on this, but for now it feels safe to at least posting about the game here so people can add it to their watch lists. The problem is, now I’m torn between ordering one of the collectors edition boxed releases or just waiting for the iPad version.

Eh, screw it, why not both?

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