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Telltale’s ‘Batman: The Enemy Within’ Gets Official Trailer, Mobile Versions Delayed Until Early October

Last month during the San Diego Comic-Con, Telltale Games announced a second season for their interactive story adventure series based on Batman called Batman: The Enemy Within, and today they’ve released the first trailer showing the game in action ahead of its console and desktop launch next week. This season’s main antagonist will be none other than The Riddler, who seems much more sadistic than his silly outfit and name might indicate. We also get to see quite a few familiar faces returning, as well as some new ones. Oh, and the Joker taking a selfie with Batman is a highlight as well. Check it out.

Last year’s Batman – The Telltale Series (Free) took the choice-driven narrative structure and quick-time-event action sequences that proved so popular with Telltale’s Walking Dead games and applied it to the world of Batman. Instead of focusing exclusively on dishing out vigilante justice while donning a cowl and cape, Telltale tried to give equal focus to the Bruce Wayne side of the equation, showing how tough it is to juggle being a billionaire socialite and a masked crusader of justice. Overall that narrative was a big success in the original game, but unfortunately the mobile version suffered from serious technical issues, which hampered the enthusiasm in our review.

Poor technical performance is nothing new for Telltale games on mobile sadly, and with how exciting this first trailer for Batman: The Enemy Within looks I can only hold on to that sliver of hope that Telltale somehow turns the technical issues around for the second season. Probably wishful thinking though! At any rate, the first episode of Batman: The Enemy Within, titled The Enigma, is set to launch on desktop and console next week on August 8th, but the mobile ports won’t be coming until early October. Hey, maybe that delay between the console/desktop launch and the mobile launch is so they can fix those technical issues? My Bat-fingers are totally Bat-crossed.