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Handelabra’s ‘Bottom of the 9th’ Coming Out August 17th

We’ve been keeping a close eye on Bottom of the 9th, Handelabra’s upcoming port of the card and dice game with the same name, and now we finally have a release date: August 17th. The game has you putting together a team consisting of players with different skills and powers, which will allow you to build a team with the kind of playstyle you want. And, since this is baseball, you can try and bluff your way to victory by tricking your opponent into thinking you’re going for a completely different pitch and swing.

I’ve heard good things about the physical version of the game, and Handelabra has proven with Sentinels of the Multiverse that it can pull off ports really well, so I think Bottom of the 9th is going to be a fun one to play. The game is coming out August 17th and will cost $4.99.