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Wadjet Eye’s ‘Technobabylon’ Plugs Into the App Store August 16th

Adventure gamers, good news. Wadjet Eye Games’ cyberpunk thriller adventure Technobabylon is launching August 16th for both iPhones and iPads. If you’re an adventure gamer, you probably know that Wadjet Eye Games is responsible for some of the best adventure games these last few years, and Technobabylon seems to be another hit. Technobabylon takes place in 2087, a time when genetic engineering is the norm and the highly addictive Trance has replaced human interactions. And, as you would expect, there’s an all-powerful AI that powers, and controls, the city.

The world of Technobabylon isn’t a paradise nor a utopia; a serial Mindjacker has been tapping into people’s neural writing and stealing their knowledge, killing them in the process. So, it’s the job of two agents to figure out why this is happening and who exactly this Mindjacker is. Reviews have been very good so far, with people really like Technobabylon‘s fresh take on cyberpunk and great writing. Get ready, then, for another strong adventure game.